Vintage Tiger Moth Square Keyring


This square keyring features one of our exclusive Vintage Tiger Moth formation flight designs.  The strong acrylic fob is printed on one side using a dye-sublimation process for an extremely durable finish.  Aluminium ring included.

Dimensions:  57mm x 57mm



The venerable Tiger Moth is one of the most iconic and well-loved vintage biplanes still in service in the UK.  Originally appointed for use as RAF primary trainers during the WWII period, Tiger Moths are still used today for nostalgic open-cockpit pleasure flights and pilot training.

The UK-registered aircraft featured in this image, G-ACDC and G-ASKP, first entered service in 1933 and 1935 respectively. They have each flown many thousands of hours in total on a wide variety of military and civilian sorties. Both aircraft are currently based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Essex, England and are operated by The Tiger Club.

This small keyring design, sold exclusively on, features an artistic watercolour-effect digital adaptation of an original photograph captured in late summer 2017.